Nicole Townsend

Just grateful to be here on the Internet!


Hi, I’m Nicole Townsend. I’m so happy you came.


I’m an actor, creator, and dancer, if you’re into labels.

Once upon a time, I moved to New York City, a cool place with oyster happy hours, home to the William Esper Studio where I was trained by Bill Esper for two years in the Meisner Technique and fell head over heels for acting - not the first time I’ve been in love, but the only time it’s worked out so far.


“Way too much coffee. But if it weren’t for the coffee, I’d have no identifiable personality whatsoever.”

- david letterman


I’m rapidly working my way through the core curriculum at the Upright Citizens Brigade - certainly more of that coming soon and in large helpings.

I started dancing when I was 5 and never stopped, receiving my bachelor's degree in Dance at Point Park University and starting the dance party at every family wedding and in most grocery store aisles.

My best friend calls me “nice bitch” because of my tendency to say pointed things with Midwestern politeness. Does that help you type me?

Thanks for listening! Love you, Mom! Oh, that was awkward. I didn’t mean to call you Mom.

Yours truly,



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